Welcome to the family owned and operated Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard. For many years this facility was one of the foremost ostrich breeding and ranching facilities in the southwest. The structure that houses our winery, tasting room and corporate offices was once filled with ostrich eggs, chicks and fledglings. The acreage to the west that nurtures our Tempranillo, Viognier and Cabernet grapevines was the same hillside where hundreds of 7 foot tall ostrich roamed during the 80's and 90's.

As our ostrich ranching adventure drew to a close and we relinquished our herd, the future of the seven birds remaining was uncertain . . . until we needed a name for our winery and vineyard. Today our feathered friends not only adorn the Blue Ostrich label, they also function as as our official winery mascots and welcome you to our beautiful Red River Valley.

  • Patrick Whitehead / Winemaker

  • Julie Fredrick Whitehead / Business Manager & Tasting Room Manager

  • Stan Fredrick / Patriarch, Visionary & Co-owner of the Fredrick Ranch that the winery and vineyard are a part of

  • Presley Whitehead Davies / Production & Operations Manager

  • Toni Deweber / Assistant Manager

What hours are you open to the public?

Tasting Room hours of operation:
Thursday & Friday 12pm - 6pm
Sat 11:30am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Do you really have ostriches at your winery?

At this time, we are still the home to two female ostriches and one male ostrich that reside on our vineyard property. They are located in a pen just south of the winery pavilion.

Does Blue Ostrich serve food?

We offer light fare such as charcuterie, flatbreads, warm mixed nuts, hummus, etc. We also have a lunch special served on Saturdays and some Sundays. The menu changes each week but examples are gourmet sliders, pulled pork tacos and patty melts.

Can I bring a picnic or snacks?

Blue Ostrich Winery has expanded our food offerings and does not allow outside food or beverage on property.

Can I bring my dog to the winery?

Well behaved, people friendly dogs are welcome in the outdoor areas of Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard as long as they remain on a leash. Outdoor areas include our shaded front lawn and our pergola shaded wine garden on the north side of the main building. In consideration of all of our guests, dogs are not allowed under our covered main pavilion on the south side, or inside the tasting room. Please be thoughtful and pick up after your dog as needed.

would like to have a local dining experience before or after our visit. Suggestions?

Here in the Red River Valley there are several one of a kind options for dining and they all have a Facebook page:
Ancient Ovens, Lazy Heart Grill, Red River Station BBQ, Windmill Grill, Red River Station Pizzeria, Docs Bar & Grill, Rohmer's Family Restaurant

What about places to overnight?

The Blue Ostrich Guesthouse, A&A Acres, Texas Kings Hotel, Schillinghaus, Veranda Inn, Red River Station Inn

Are guests allowed to bring beer or wine on to the property?

No. We are licensed by the United States Tax & Trade Bureau and governed by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and are restricted from allowing other alcohol to be consumed on our property. You are welcome to purchase wine tastings, wine by the glass, or bottles of wine for consumption on the premises. Any partially consumed bottles may be recorked and taken with you, provided you transport them in a manner consistent with state laws.

We would like to tour the winery and vineyard, is that possible?

We do have several specially priced tasting and tour packages that are great for special events like birthday groups, corporate outings, etc. Some of these packages include cheese pairings, Lunch and/or souvenir wine glasses. We often conduct part of your tasting in our cellar and even our vineyard. It is best to arrange these in advance by calling our tasting room at 940-995-3100.

Is your road "motorcycle friendly"?

Bikers will be on blacktop all the way to our gated entrance. Once you enter the property it is a short 50 yard ride on compact gravel to our parking lot. We entertain lots of motorcycle riders every weekend.

We don't know if we should bring our kids to the winery. Is it a family friendly environment?

This can be a tough one to address sometimes. "Kid friendly" and "winery" are not terms generally associated with each other. We love kids, but understand in advance of your visit that our tasting room experience is geared towards the adult activity of sampling, discussing and enjoying different wines. We ask that if you choose to bring a little one, please be mindful that their behavior does not interfere with the enjoyment and comfort of another guest. Because we are located on a working cattle ranch in the country, and because of the natural hazards that exists in such an environment, we can not allow children to roam our property unescorted.

Come on out and spend the day with us and enjoy the sites of Saint Jo, Muenster and the surrounding areas. Saint Jo is the oldest town in Montague County as it was founded in 1849. Saint Jo is known for its scenic beauty and is often referred to as the North Texas Hill County.

Where to eat: Ancient Ovens | Lazy Heart Grill | Docs Bar & Grill | Rohmers | Dieter Brothers

Where to stay: Elm Creek Manor Spa & Resort | Towering Oaks Ranch Resort | | Texas Kings Hotel | Bartush Lodge and Cabin

Where to have more fun: Turtle Hill Golf Course | Davis & Blevins Gallery | Muenster Antique Mall | Tales 'n Trails Museum | Lavender Ridge Farms